M The New York Art World ®"All You Need To Know."
M The New York Art World ®"All You Need To Know."


After nearly two years of economic shock therapy, it seems that “the numbers that be” are moving in the good direction again, albeit painstakingly slowly. The mood among dealers at Art Chicago, which took place last month was noticeably upbeat and the fair was well attended. And in New York during “Art Week” last March, KIAF (Korean International Art Fair) launched The Korean Art Show, marking an impressive debut.

Moreover, the great bust among galleries in New York never really materialized — while it’s true that some galleries closed, just as many opened, while others took advantage of falling real estate prices to move into bigger spaces for less money. On the whole, as we wrap up another season in the art world, there is good reason to believe we’re on the right track. After all, it’s the same track as always...

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M. Brendon MacInnis


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